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Cleansing Solution
Dr. Sevinor's Cleansing Solution Hydrophilic Oil Complex is a multifunctional hydrophilic oil cleanser that effectively removes impurities and makeup from your skin with no greasy residue. This skin balancing is formulated with powerful ingredients like sweet almond oil, neroli oil, argon oil, and guaiazulene that levesyour skin moisturized and norished.
Skin Insurance Serum
Dr.Sevinor's Skin Insurance Serum is a powerful formulation of eight essential botanical extracts and four vitamins and minerals combined through a state of-the-art cold-pressed technology.This advanced technology allows the ingredients to remain pure and highly concentrated to achieve maximum absorption and efficiency and to produce the best results for your skin.
  Skin Insurance Serum acts as a film or veilto retain moisture and hydration. Retention of moisture will help you achieve younger, smoother, firmer skin. This product is ultra-light and non-greasy, is an excellent make-up primer, and can be used all over the body.Skin Insurance Serum is formulated to benefit all skin types.